Travellers in Forty Acres

Updates 1.30pm, Friday 18th August 2017


Court order granted at Bristol Magistrates this morning now leading to eviction from site. 


Updates 7.00am, Thursday, 17th August 2017


The swiftest way for those involved to be removed is where there is evidence of significant increase in crime and disorder after encampments have been set up.  The Police records don’t currently show all of the incidents described over recent days. Police advice is to ensure all incidents are reported – that will help provide the evidence the Police need in order to move people on using their Section 61 powers, in additional to the current legal process for eviction currently being pursued by the Council.



Updated at 3.15pm, Wednesday, 16th August 2017


Further to the update posted this morning, please note the court summons has now been served on all relevant parties for a hearing at the Bristol Magistrates Court on Friday 18th August 2017.


Updated at 10.25am, Wednesday, 16th August 2017


Bristol Magistrates Court has now issued the summons for proceedings for an Order for the removal of the gypsies which will be heard by the Court on Friday morning.  The summons will be served at the site this afternoon (Wednesday).  If the encampment has not removed itself by Friday’s hearing time, an Order will be obtained from the Court and arrangements will be made for it to be executed on the site as swiftly as possible with bailiff and police support.  In the meantime, the site will continue to be monitored by the Traveller Unit and cleaned up as necessary.


Updated at 16:45, Tuesday, 15th August 2017


It is confirmed by South Gloucestershire Council that the necessary papers to initiate the Court hearing on Friday have this evening been deposited with Bristol Magistrates Court. When the summons has been issued by the Court tomorrow (Wednesday, 16th August 2017), it will be served on the travellers in readiness for Friday’s hearing.  Should the Order for removal be granted, arrangements are in hand for a swift execution of it with police support.


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Latest Update - Tuesday, 15th August 2017


A second S77 Notice was served by South Gloucestershire Council in respect of all vehicles and persons that have accessed another area, and this is due to expire at 16:00 today (15th August 2017).  Following expiration of the second S77 Notice, South Gloucestershire Council will serve legal proceedings under S78 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order in respect of the whole area, and are already liaising with the courts to secure a court hearing.  In the event that this matter does proceed to Court, an order in respect of both sites occupied will be sought at one hearing.


In the interim, arrangements have been made for a regular rubbish collection, and liaising with the Police will continue.


South Gloucestershire Council will also continue to negotiate with the travellers to encourage their removal in an attempt to avoid the need to resort to court proceedings.


Subsequent Update - Monday, 14th August 2017


Following expiry of Notice S77 with travellers remaining on site, South Gloucestershire Council can now issue legal proceeedings.  There is a process that needs to be adhered to, but in the meantime, it is also confirmed there is continued negotiating taking place to encourage them to move voluntarily.

Further Update at 16:42, Thursday, 10th August 2017

It is now confirmed that South Gloucestershire Council has served Notice S77 on the unauthorised encampment, stating they are required to vacate by 15:00 hours tomorrow, Friday, 11th August 2017.  It is also understood that a number of caravans and vehicles may have already moved off the site, and the position will be reviewed tomorrow afternoon.

Update 2.55pm Thursday 10th August 2017 - South Gloucestershire Council Officers are working with the Parish Council to secure the removal of the unauthorised encampment on the Forty Acres site.  Officers have visited the site on a number of occasions with welfare reports being produced. These reports are required to be undertaken in accordance with standard procedures.  Preparations are also being made for an S77 notice to be served to those on site on Thursday afternoon. This will require the removal from the site within 24 hours of serving the notice.  Officers will continue to negotiate with the families to secure their removal from the site at the earliest opportunity.  In the meantime, arrangements have been made for the collection of rubbish, along with continued liaison with the Police.