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Little Stoke footways – Major maintenance works, February 2021

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South Gloucestershire Council - 2nd February 2021

I write to advise you of essential maintenance works to be carried out on the footway at Little Stoke.

During February 2021, the footway from Little Stoke Lane past Mark Gallivan memorial playing field towards Braydon Avenue will be subject to major resurfacing works. These works are expected to last for approximately two weeks, from 8 to 19 February.

Please refer to the plan below.

The works will involve the removal of existing edgings/surface of the footway and the laying of new material. These works may create a significant amount of noise. The work will be done during the daytime. Please note that adverse weather conditions or similar may affect the above times and dates.

For safety reasons, this footway must be closed at all times for the duration of the scheme (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). We will make every effort to keep local disruption to a minimum. Vehicular access to/from Maple Close will be generally unaffected. Temporary traffic lights will be required on Little Stoke Lane but not during peak periods.

Properties with accesses directly to/from this footway will need to use alternative access from Maple Close. We trust that you will have enough time to make any arrangements you feel necessary before/during these works.

South Gloucestershire Council apologises for any inconvenience caused by these essential works.

Yours faithfully

Trevor Johnson
Engineer, Highways Maintenance

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