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Covid-19 Update

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South Gloucestershire Council - 20th May 2020

Please read the following Covid-19 update from South Gloucestershire Council.

Confirmed cases in South Gloucestershire

As of 18 May, the official figures show 398 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in South Gloucestershire. The national picture is a total of 246,406 UK cases. The Department of Health and Social Care now publishes its daily announced figures on deaths from Covid-19 for the UK in a new series that uses improved data for England, produced by Public Health England (PHE). These figures now provide a count of all deaths where a positive test for Covid-19 has been confirmed, wherever that death has taken place. Total UK deaths are 34,796 (

Re-opening schools

Parents and carers with children at a South Gloucestershire Council maintained school will receive a letter from us this week about how we’re supporting schools to re-open. We’re aware that many parents and carers will be anxious about sending their children back to school. We want to re-assure everyone that our, and our local schools' first priority, is to keep children and young people safe. We are hoping, although this is not confirmed yet, to see a phased return of pupils to our schools from 1 June.

Community aid directory updated

Struggling with the impact of Covid-19? People can now search the online South Gloucestershire community aid directory by the type of help they need, such as food parcels/deliveries, cooked meals, dog walking or a phone chat. Or they can call us on 0800 953 7778 (freephone).

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