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Covid-19 Update

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South Gloucestershire Council - 19th June 2020

Please read the following Covid-19 update from South Gloucestershire Council.

Confirmed cases in South Gloucestershire

As of 19 June, the official figures show 406 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in South Gloucestershire. The national picture is a total of 301,815 UK cases. The Department of Health and Social Care now publishes its daily announced figures on deaths from Covid-19 for the UK in a new series that uses improved data for England, produced by Public Health England (PHE). These figures now provide a count of all deaths where a positive test for Covid-19 has been confirmed, wherever that death has taken place. Total UK deaths are 42,461 (

Feeding back on changes to our public spaces

The importance of staying safe and saving lives by keeping to social distancing guidelines still remains. To make this easier, we are introducing a number of measures:

  • on our High Streets
  • in parks and open spaces
  • outside schools
  • at bus stops
  • on routes to work.

Some are simple measures like cutting back vegetation to widen footpaths or installing social distancing reminders on pavements. Other schemes will have a bigger impact, such as making our town centres pedestrian areas only or creating pop-up cycle lanes at busy points.

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