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Local Nature Plan

Stoke Gifford Parish Council in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council has recognised the importance of taking steps to address the ecological crisis our world is facing. Acting together we will:

  • 1. Address the effects of climate change.
  • 2. Enhance the ecological value of our parks and green spaces.
  • 3. Develop local habitat so plants, ferns, lichen, trees, insects and birds thrive.
  • 4. Create and connect wildlife corridors.
  • 5. Make nature relevant to all local residents.

We need everyone to become involved:

  • To improve how we manage and connect public opens spaces.
  • To provide vital green space for nature to thrive in our communities.
  • To create more attractive and healthier places for residents to live, now and in the future.

A Local Nature Action Plan has been drawn up in order for us to take the necessary steps to stop the decline of biodiversity. This is a five year plan.

Download the Stoke Gifford Local Nature Action Plan (Word) for further details.

Photo of Sue Bandcroft

Local Nature Plan – Contact Details

Cllr Sue Bandcroft has been working hard in compiling this local plan, and will be actively involved in completing the agreed targets for 2023.

If you are able to offer further support or help with this plan, please contact Cllr Sue Bandcroft. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated and would also help build and support local natural wildlife.

Target for 2023

  • Build 10 Kent Bat Boxes and erect in the local area
  • Build 10 Hedgehog Boxes and locate
  • Build 10 Bird Nesting Boxes and erect in local area

Sourcing Wood Supplies

SGPC are working alongside South Glos tree department to source large tree trunks to supply the wood needed for the boxes (free of charge). The trees will be sources from local park areas (from fallen / diseased trees).

South Glos have kindly agreed to help the SGPC Local Nature plan by also supplying wood from local tree works / felling.

Get Involved by Volunteering

Volunteers are needed to help with the building of:

We also need volunteers to help plot sighting of hedgehogs and bats on the national database.

Building New Boxes

Volunteers from Little Stoke Social club are busily designing and building new homes for the bats, birds and hedgehogs.

Tim Hewer (pictured below) is coordinating the production etc. If you are interested in joining the working team, please contact the local Parish office and we can pass on your information.


Photo of a Noctule bat
Photo of a Brown long-eared bat
Photo of a Pipistrelle bat
Photo of a Daubenton's bat

Building Bat Boxes

Can you help with building bat boxes? If so, please download the Bat Box Information Pack (PDF) which contains instructions on how to make a Kent Bat Box, and also explains the best location to site the Bat Box.

An example of a Kent Bat Box can be seen in the photos below.

Photo of Tim Hewer holding a Kent Bat Box
Photo of a Kent Bat Box

National Bat Monitoring Programme

Please complete the Sunset Survey (PDF) to assist with the National Bat Monitoring Programme. Use the Species ID (PDF) to help identify which bats have been sighted.

Sunset Survey

Sunset Survey Animal encounters graphic

Are you looking for something to do with your friends and family in your local area this spring/summer/autumn?

The Sunset Survey (April - October) brings you a perfect opportunity to get together with family/friends and discover bats and other wildlife in your local area. This is ideal for you if you don't have previous bat surveying experience. Just spend an hour from sunset (or before sunrise) and let us know what you see/hear from your window, balcony, garden or local green space.

Visit the Bat Conservation Trust website for further details and to get started.


Photo of a Hedgehog
Photo of a Hedgehog
Photo of a Hedgehog
Photo of a Hedgehog

Building Hedgehog Houses

Can you help with building hedgehog houses? If so, please download the Hedgehog House instructions sheet (PDF).

Big Hedgehog Map

We also need your help in plotting sighting of hedgehogs in the local area. If you see any hedgehogs (after hibernation period), please type in your postcode and drop the flag on the Big Hedgehog Map website. By plotting local sightings on the on the national hedgehog database, this will help in the next stage of knowing where to best locate the newly built houses.

Become a Hedgerow Hero in South Gloucestershire

Poster advertising the Hedgerow Heroes project (all text content displayed on page)

We're looking to build a small team of volunteers for our Hedgerow Heroes project, to enhance the quality of South Gloucestershire hedgerows.

You'll join a group of enthusiastic volunteers helping to carry out a range of tasks, including hedge-laying, planting and general conservation tasks to help restore the wildlife and landscape value of the countryside.

By volunteering with us you can make a real difference and be part of a friendly and passionate charity.

What we are looking for

Enthusiastic volunteers who can spare a day a week to improve hedgerows (from Oct 2023 - March 2024).

What you will gain

Conservation skills and knowledge, including a free hedgelaying course. The chance to work in a friendly team and help improve the landscape!

Get in touch to find out more




Photo of a Goldfinch
Photo of a Great Tit
Photo of a House Sparrow
Photo of a Robin

Building Bird Nesting Boxes

Can you help with building nesting boxes for birds? If so, please download the Nesting Box instructions sheet (PDF).

Big Garden Birdwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch is fun, free and for everyone. And you don't need a garden to take part! Counting birds from your balcony, or your local park will play a vital role in helping us understand how UK birds are doing. Sign up for your free guide and let's look out for birds together on 27-29 January. Visit the Big Garden Birdwatch (RSPB) website for further details.

Photo of a volunteer holding a spade ready for tree planting

Volunteer Tree Planting

We will be holding a volunteer planting event on Saturday 4th March from 10:30 to 14:30 in order to add a hedgerow around the playground and also some specimen trees at the top of the field.

The Forest of Avon Trust is partnering with the Stoke Gifford Trust to plant a new hedgerow and some large specimen trees in at Soke Gifford Trust Hall.

Planting will take place from 10:30am until 2:30pm on the 4th March.

No experience needed, all training and tools provided, just bring sturdy footwear, clothes you don't mind getting muddy and waterproofs.

We'll be stopping for lunch around midday so bring something to eat.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Reserve a spot and view more details here: Volunteer Tree Planting - Stoke Gifford