Payments for GP Appointments (Concorde Medical Centre)

Dear Cllr Cranney,

Please let me assure you that there is no truth in this rumour. The AskMyGP service is a method by which patients can request advice or information from their GP rather than phoning the practice.  This is funded entirely by the practice and we neither charge now nor do we EVER have the intention of charging for the service. The NHS provides general medical services free at the point of care which is something we as a practice entirely endorse.  

We introduced the service to try and make it easier for patients to get the care that they need. The system helps us to be able to offer an appointment to those patients who need one and advice to those patients who are happy with advice. The vast majority of patients who want to be seen by a GP get seen by a GP on the day that they request an appointment. It is just not correct that they are all seen by the same GP. Today we have eight of our regular GPs seeing patients, supported by a clinical pharmacist, specialist physiotherapist and mental health nurse specialists who all consult directly with patients, as do the three nurses and three health care assistants who are also seeing patients today.

At the moment we are very busy with an epidemic of a serious flu like illness so patients may be waiting longer than they normally would on the phone.  The practice has employed locums to provide an extra 100 appointments a week, above normal demand, during this period but it is still very busy and we are really sorry that our patients are having to wait but like the A&E departments, our doctors and nurses are doing their very best to help everyone who needs care. There will be a public information response from the NHS locally asking patients to use their GP for urgent problems only until this epidemic subsides.

I appreciate you contacting us about this rumour which gives us the chance to correct it and to reduce the understandable alarm that such false messages create. We would be pleased if you would circulate this response.


Dear Dawn / Simon

Further to my telephone message left on your practice answer phone earlier today with regard to concerns being expressed by local residents.

Please note : The enclosed comments that are appearing on social media with regard a suggestion that the medical practice might be requesting a payment to obtain an appointment with a doctor at Concorde Medical Centre.

I have looked at the Concorde Medical Centre website and cannot identify anything that might suggest that this is an option currently being offered to patients.

However if you could confirm whether there is some possible mis-information being circulated it would be helpful.

Please contact me If you might find it helpful to circulate a practice statement which Stoke Gifford Parish council and local Councillors would be very happy to put on our Parish Council website and /or circulate on the local Notice Boards within the parish to ensure that local residents / patients are not misled by what they are hearing within the local community at the moment.  

I do hope that the Practice Drs and Partners find this of help and assistance to yourselves and the medical practice.

Kind Regards

Keith Cranney

Cllr Keith Cranney

South Gloucestershire Councillor Stoke Gifford Ward and Bradley Stoke-Stokebrook Ward

Chair-Stoke Gifford-Harry Stoke-Cheswick-U.W.E. Community Engagement Forum.