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Healthwatch South Gloucestershire - Local Voices Report Q4

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Healthwatch South Gloucestershire - 12th April 2024

Local Voices reports are a collation of public experiences of health and social care. These stories build a picture of how services work well or can be improved for communities across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, and this is especially important for those people with the poorest experiences and outcomes. Our expertise is in using inclusive engagement methods to provide feedback which is otherwise missing from data sets.

We have a feedback hub situated in a retail unit in The Galleries, Bristol and our team reaches into communities across the BNSSG area. Our aim is for the collected insights to help the system and its many providers personalise services, improve quality and innovate to overcome access issues. We take feedback at face value and share it anonymously. If the public consent for it, we can share contact details for case studies and to support service coproduction or codesign.

All our public contacts are offered guidance and information related to advocacy or on complaint options. Our staff and volunteers' knowledge of the health and care landscape help people to make informed choices about their care, and those of their loved ones. These reports can also be viewed in PowerBI Pro, please email if you would like to access them in this way.

Download the report here: Local Voices Report Q4 (PDF)

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