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Gipsy Patch Lane railway follow-up works

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South Gloucestershire Council - 15th December 2020

Last month we wrote to you with an update on the work taking place at the railway bridge on Gipsy Patch Lane, Stoke Gifford, as part of the Cribbs Patchway metrobus extension (CPME).

In this email we mentioned the need for follow-up work on the railway. Following the bridge move, the line was reopened to trains, but with a temporary speed limit in place. This is standard practice following a closure and track work.

To enable the speed to be increased fully, follow-up work known as tamping is required. In order to ensure the safety of passengers, this work needs to be carried out within four to six weeks of a track installation. Network Rail therefore need to take advantage of the Christmas period to do this work, while train services aren't running, unfortunately it is the only opportunity to complete this work. Network Rail has now confirmed when this work will take place.

Follow-up tamping shifts will take place:

  • 00:30 to 07:55 on Friday 25 December
  • 22:00 on Friday 25 December to 06:00 on Saturday 26 December
  • 22:00 on Saturday 26 December to 06:00 on Sunday 27 December

However, please note these dates may be subject to change and we will keep the community updated.

During this work tamper trains lift and pack the stone under the tracks which can be a noisy process so noise barrier fencing will be installed for the duration of the works.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this work. Any questions or issues can be raised via the Network Rail 24-hour helpline on 03457 11 41 41.

Gipsy Patch Lane road lowering work

Now the new railway bridge has been moved into place Network Rail and its contractor Alun Griffiths have started works on the carriageway beneath the bridge. This work is to make way for the new bus lanes and shared use cycle and pedestrian pathways.

There are national design standards that must be complied with whenever a new bridge is built, which stipulate how much headroom is required under a new bridge. It is not possible to raise the bridge because of the railway line, so in order to comply with the standards for a new bridge, the only option is to lower the road.

Gipsy Patch Lane will remain closed to traffic until July 2021, while this work is completed.

Work will include:

  • Demolition and excavation of the existing carriageway underneath the bridge
  • Re-grading the junction with Station Road to tie-in with the new carriageway level
  • Utility diversions underneath the new cycle and pedestrian pathways
  • Installation of new surface water drainage system, including pumping station
  • Installation of new street lighting
  • Construction of new carriageway and pathways
  • New traffic signs, road markings and landscaping/planting

This work will be carried out during the daytime, between the hours of 7.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Network Rail, and its contractor, will work to minimise any disruption caused.

The Network Rail compound will be closed over the Christmas period, between Saturday 19 December 2020 and Sunday 3 January 2021. Work will restart onsite on Monday 4 January.

Pedestrian access

A footpath, for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists only, has been reopened under the new railway bridge. The footpath is narrow and pedestrians are advised to take extra care should they need to use it. Anyone using the footpath should observe social distancing.

The free shuttle bus service that had been operating for pedestrians is no longer available now that a footpath has been reopened.

Cyclists are reminded that they must dismount and push their bikes through should they choose to use this footpath. Alternative cycling diversions are available.

CPME Project

The CPME is a £57 million investment to reduce congestion and improve journey times for all road users in your area by providing a new quick, reliable public transport system and a realistic alternative to travelling by car. CPME is funded by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and by the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership through the Local Growth Fund.

Further information

For updates on the project please like and follow our Facebook group or visit our webpage. We would also encourage you sign up to our newsletter, which you can do by visiting our webpage. If you have any questions, please email the project team.

Yours faithfully

Richard Gillingham
Cribbs Patchway metrobus extension Project Sponsor South Gloucestershire Council

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