Joint Local Access Forum (JLAF)

The JLAF is a statutory body set up to provide advice to public bodies on public rights of way and access issues in South Gloucestershire, Bath & North East Somerset and Bristol.  The JLAF meets three times per year and is comprised of 22 volunteers representing a balance of ‘landowning’, ‘user’ and ‘other’ interests. 

Any members of the Parish Council or any of your parishioners are very welcome to apply to join the JLAF.  I have attached an application form and other relevant information, including the Terms of Reference of the JLAF.  There is more information about the JLAF and details of past meetings on the internet at aim to select members from their written applications so applicants are encouraged to give as much information as they can about themselves, their interest in rights of way and access to the outdoors.  To be considered for membership this year the deadline for receipt of applications is 9am on Friday 12 May 2017.