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Serious Violence Digital Toolkit

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South Gloucestershire Council - 12th March 2024

South Gloucestershire remains a safe place to live and work, although there have been a number of high-profile tragic incidents in the past year which have had an impact on our young people and the wider community, and understandably have caused concern among parents and carers as well as residents.

We want to reassure you that the council is working together with our partners and alongside our communities to tackle the root causes of knife crime and serious violence. South Gloucestershire Violence Reduction Partnership, which includes the council’s community safety team, children’s social care, police, schools and other partners, is committed to educating young people about the dangers and impacts of knife crime and is working hard to keep them safe.

The partnership commissions educational workshops and interactive sessions in schools, referrals to work-based training and sports courses, training for professionals and outreach youth work. Wider community support includes the installation of bleed kits to help victims of trauma incidents, taking part in police operations and promoting knife amnesties and surrender bins, and creating resources to share with education settings, parents and the wider community including a guide on starting conversations about knife crime.

To help support our young people, their parents and carers and the wider community, it is essential that we all provide correct, consistent information and signposting. Help us share information and resources to communities in South Gloucestershire using the below suggested social media posts and images. Content for websites and newsletters can also be found below.

Download: Serious Violence Digital Toolkit (Word)

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If you have any questions about tackling serious violence in South Gloucestershire please contact

Further information and support on what we are doing to tackle knife crime and serious violence is available on our website.

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